Love Accordingly: An Enchanted Zaftig Challenge

Although I have a plethora of acquaintances, I find myself fortunate in this mature stage of my life to have a handful of truly magnificent, genuine friends ~ women who continually shine light into my life with their charisma, sweet spirits and positive attitudes. Without these women, finding the strength to initiate major life changes, including divorce from a controlling husband, would have felt insurmountable. During my bouts of depression and exhaustion, each of these lovely ladies find ways to cradle and uplift me, never allowing me to fall too far nor give up on attaining happiness.

I try to reciprocate that empathy and amiable refuge as often as possible. I listen with intelligence, laugh with enthusiasm, shed tears with understanding, advise with sound ideas and praise with kindness and love.

It’s what the principles of friendship and human compassion are based upon ~ a foundation of trust, affection and sympathy.

By chance, I discovered this photo awhile ago, and I’m so glad I did, for its simple yet poignant message has quickly become a personal mantra for me:


In this life, in this world, it’s quite easy to give into selfish behavior and focus on one’s own survival, especially when trusting another person can oftentimes lead to disappointment. But the truth is… human connection is vital to our mental and emotional well-being. Yes, man can survive on food and water alone, but to go prolonged periods of time without the companionship of others is to hinder the possibility of personal and spiritual growth, leaving one stagnant in existence.

In partnership with my newfound, heartfelt mantra, I’ve set a goal to recognize the unique attributes of others and to pay compliments accordingly ~ in particular to women, because we females tend to possess lower self-esteem. It pains me to see so many spectacular ladies, both young and old, doubting their self-worth and sense of purpose in this world.

One of my good friends (one of the very ones I mentioned in the beginning of this blog) met me for dinner the other night, and over French cuisine and an excellent bottle of red wine, we discussed the value of my mission. She is of similar inclination, appreciating the Enchanted Zaftig concept, and together we came to the conclusion that an Enchanted Zaftig Challenge should be implemented. I’ve titled it EZ Challenge #1 (because there may be others forthcoming…)

Here it is:

EZ Challenge #1

Uplift your female sisters with words of encouragement. 

The next time you are out grocery shopping, walking the dog, enjoying a day at the park or visiting a friend, take a moment to say something encouraging to another woman. Compliment her hair, her clothing, her jewelry, her smile ~ the choice is up to you. Just give her that positive nudge. 

Try to implement this at least once a day. Even if it seems awkward or untimely,  have faith that your sentiment will leave a lasting impression on the recipient, long after the words have rolled from your tongue.

If you’re hesitant to join the challenge, consider this: when someone pays YOU a compliment, regardless of how significant, does it not prick you with a touch of affection and uplift your spirits, even if for only a short period of time?

Pay the sentiment forward.

And remember:

~ You are connected to everything. Love accordingly. ~


(On a side note: I would like to give recognition to the special men in my life who have also uplifted and encouraged me in so many ways. Please know that I value your friendships immensely and could never thank you enough!  <heart>) 


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2 responses to “Love Accordingly: An Enchanted Zaftig Challenge

  1. I feel like you looked into my heart. This is exactly what I try to do. Yes, you are correct about women not truly knowing their self worth and purpose. I just learned my self worth. Now I am learning about my purpose. This is a beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing this with us


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