Masculine Meditation

The scent of a man…

Primal and invigorating. A robust fragrance of masculinity and earth, like sweat and salt and dirt swirled together in an aphrodisiac of physical strength, carnal aptitude and primordial sexuality. An elixir which encompasses prowess, stamina and body heat.

What’s become of man’s machismo? That natural, rugged aura which seems to have evolved into something less instinctual. Once  upon a time, the husky personae of the Marlboro Man was considered desirable. Now, it seems we prefer the ‘metrosexual’ ~ a new species of man  who concerns himself with proper grooming and proper fashion, willing to “man~scape” himself into an androgynous existence while simultaneously blurring the lines of his distinct gender identity. 

It saddens me how we’ve managed to emasculate the male population with the consistent berating of his natural character ~ particularly through the media, where he is portrayed as incompetent and obtuse ~ not able to clean correctly, take care of children correctly or even choose beer correctly. We’ve insisted as a society that he’s incapable of completing the simplest of everyday tasks.

Which is a complete load of rubbish.

If women no longer populated the earth, men would still survive through the length of their lifetimes.  They would forage for food, make adequate shelter and continue on with everyday activities. Because they are perfectly capable of doing so.

So why do we strive to quash that spirit? Have we gone so far with the feminist movement that we’ve over-compensated in our attempt to tilt the world in a different direction?

I am a very feminine woman. I am also intelligent, strong and independent. I’m sure I would exist just fine without the contribution or assistance of the male population, however I don’t particularly want to. Why would I want to…? Setting aside the obvious sexual/mating aspect, men and women were created to complement one another in their existence, offering unique qualities and capabilities and specializing in areas that the opposite gender may not.

Am I wrong to prefer men to be men? Real men. True men. Testosterone-laden hunters and gatherers and providers who also strive to be good leaders and protectors and fathers; who exude strength and wisdom and the ability to work hard and get their hands dirty for the greater good; who know how to treat a lady and raise a child and help others without reciprocal expectations; who think intellectually, act responsibly and love accordingly. 

In essence, a man with integrity, fortitude and compassion, who embraces his masculine disposition and makes a woman glad to be female in his presence.

Is it possible to rekindle these inherent traits that have been so woefully repressed and discouraged? To release them from their invisible bonds and bring them back to the surface where they belong?

I hope so.

Because the scent of a man is…

Primal and invigorating. A robust fragrance of masculinity and earth, like sweat and salt and dirt swirled together in an aphrodisiac of physical strength, carnal aptitude and primordial sexuality. An elixir which encompasses prowess, stamina and body heat…

I desire it.


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  2. vxa

    Took the thoughts from my head ! 🙂

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