Rubenesque Burlesque

Black Burlesque ~ Zeldyn-Stock, deviantART

Beautiful Rubenesque Burlesque
Indulging in man’s desire
Lighting his arousal on fire
Answering the call
To tease and flaunt
To please and taunt
Tempting him with her feminine charms
And sensual arms
Ample bosom and playful hips
An insinuating smile playing on her lips
Layers of silk and provocative lace
Falling from her flesh, caressing his face
As the tempo deepens to a lascivious beat
His face flushes with a lustful heat
He longs to partake of her glorious curves
To feast on her pleasure~seeking contours
She winks
Makes him think
That she belongs to him
But it is merely fleeting
A brief flash of intimacy
A dream-filled fantasy
As she pirouettes from his view
Leaving behind a voluptuous hue
He is breathless
Longing for more
Wishing he could further explore
This beautiful Rubenesque Burlesque

©2011 Enchanted Zaftig


Filed under Poetry and Prose, Visual Delights

8 responses to “Rubenesque Burlesque

  1. Hi Bryan,

    Here is a link to Zeldyn on I’m not sure if this particular “painted” version came from her, but you can contact her through that link.

  2. Bryan Sullivan

    Who is this artist and where can I get a copy of this print?

  3. Mmm.. Gorgeous picture, and wonderful prose!

  4. chris1t

    Seriously delicious. Great poetry EZ!

  5. TeddyBare

    Smoking hot!

  6. Ronnette

    Beautiful picture – absolutely captures luscious women jus like me

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