Those Reasons Aren’t My Own

Photo courtesy of Kate O’Brien

“I have always been nervous about sharing this photo. Why? Well let’s look into that. Because nudity is looked down upon, because I have been afraid someone would shame my body, because this might come back to “haunt” me. Those reasons aren’t my own, I don’t own them. Those reasons are other people’s reasons. Those things are cultural hang ups that I do not have. It’s kind of funny because this photo references Boucher’s Blond Odalisque… I shouldn’t be afraid, I want to smash this kind of subjugation. I don’t want to be a slave, and I don’t want any woman to  be a slave.” ~ Natalie Perkins


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7 responses to “Those Reasons Aren’t My Own

  1. coagus

    original art high level, need sincere willingness to emit light from inside, perfect! Excellent!!!

  2. I took this photograph, but I am not the subject. Could you please amend the post to indicate that? You’ve attributed those words to me, however I did not say them.

  3. Scott

    Love it!! Mmmm

  4. Anderson

    I love! you are beautiful! congratulations!

  5. gardener


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