The Art of Juan Alcantara

Lately, I have been blessed with unexpected opportunities to connect with several amazing zaftig artists.

Juan Alcantara, creator of the provocative and lovely “Bottoms Up (Reprised)” painting which decorates the header of my blog here, recently connected with me via the internet. I’ve since had the great pleasure of corresponding with him and viewing more of his work, which I am delighted to share with you.

Red Headed Beauty

Tan Line

Juan appreciates the zaftig form without apology and displays his admiration in bold and exceptional ways. Even in quick sketches, he captures the innate beauty of each woman he draws.

Well, It's About Time


Lovely Woman

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon


“I believe that inside every skinny woman there is a round, plump, full-figured woman just waiting to get out. Or at least there should be.”  ~ Juan Alcantara 


For further examples of Juan’s work, including non-zaftig illustrations and paintings, visit Juan Alcantara.




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5 responses to “The Art of Juan Alcantara

  1. Joe

    Fantastic work, showing the curves and personality of the subject, true art is reflected in all the lines that you use to create your master pieces.
    Best regards
    J. R.
    Lakes of the med. resident.

  2. Clark Gable

    I would honored if someday a woman such as this would sit in a session and let me draw her. I imagine the man 25,000 years ago who carved the Venus of Willandorf was as motivated as I.

  3. “Its about time indeed”
    I can tell that your work is very personal, all I can say is wow! Let’s hear
    it for the BIG gurlz. Thanks for posting your work and your views.

  4. Cecelia M

    Really beautiful work!

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