Your Worth

Never settle
For the man who purports to adore you
Who worships and reveres you and touches you in the darkness
But hesitates to proclaim his affection for you in the daylight.
For you are worth far more than that, Beautiful One.
… You are worth the moon and the stars and an entire symphony of song
You are worth the adoration of a man who will delight in your presence
Fully and completely, without reservation.
You are worth LOVE.

©2011 Enchanted Zaftig


Filed under A Touch of Inspiration, Poetry and Prose, Visual Delights

3 responses to “Your Worth

  1. Bo Burgess Resaca, GA

    Never settle for the man, or anyone, who purports…
    These are the red flags you are charged with being on guard for, the tendency indicated does not go away…it often becomes more entrenched with time.

    Very nice, I like it.

  2. Clark Gable

    My limbic system is intrigued by the hips to waist ratio of that woman in that photo. Stirs up the primitive in me.

  3. Balentino Perez, South Ogden, Utah

    Wow! What a fantastic woman with a beautiful bottom!

    Love at first sight…

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