On Becoming A Pin-up Girl (Part II)

“The reason you don’t see a good representation of full-figured women on our website or in our studio is because, more often than not, those women won’t give us permission to do so […] and they are the very subjects who look the best in boudoir photographs.”

~ Melissa Lazar, deBoudoir, LLC 

How unfortunate to experience a moment of liberation and beauty and yet be too embarrassed to share the results! Zaftig ladies, why not allow your captured moment to be shared with other women who might, as a result, feel uplifted by your show of courage? Or, better yet, be inspired themselves to shed their hesitations, slip into something cute and sexy and embrace their femininity for an afternoon ~ or for an eternity, even? 

This is why, when asked by Melissa while perusing my portfolio if I would give deBoudoir permission to use some of my photos on their website, I replied with an exuberant, “YES!” Because if there is even a slight chance that I might inspire women of size while simultaneously breaking down societal walls of prejudice and shame, then by all means… let me contribute!



(On a side note: As of yet, I do not have the bulk of photos from this shoot, but as soon as they are available to me, I will post more. So stay tuned!)


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13 responses to “On Becoming A Pin-up Girl (Part II)

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  2. Wow. Those beautiful blue eyes just captured my attention. I almost forgot to look further…but I did. You are a very beautiful woman.

  3. pdxWoman

    Brava! I went to a boudoir photographer, Shannon Moody (Portland, OR), and it is close to the best $200 I have ever spent. It was a surprisingly positive experience; it had a measurable effect on my body image. I’m so glad you gave them permission to use your images!

  4. Brian

    You are a stunning beauty! Bravo for the confidence you inspire and display! You have every reason to allow them to show your portfolio. Be proud of who you are and know that there are those of us out here who think you’re incredibly sexy and sensual.

  5. What a beautiful photograph. Well done you on getting into the spirit of body acceptance and doing this. I look forward to seeing more shots!

  6. berylb3

    Hi. I’ve just started browsing through your blog – thanks so much for bravely and openly sharing your thoughts and experiences! Brava. In particular, your post about the photo session really made me think. As a large woman (who has experienced fatism), I sometimes feel a bit desperate for positive attention, being desired, etc. But I have mixed feelings when I do get attention/desired for how I look – “Oh, it’s still about how I look (you just happen to find large women beautiful), not who I am.” I read a great article the other day by a large women who said “I don’t want to fight for the right of fat women to be equally sexually objectified.” This may not resonate for you – just wanted to share this is part of what I, personally, am mulling over, as sexual being, a large woman. Thanks again for your lovely blog! Cheers.

    • QuietlyOutspoken

      I agree that there is a struggle between wanting to be desired and wanting to be cherished for who I am as a whole person. I prefer the latter (obviously) but physical attraction can’t be written off as insignificant, either ~ because it is that initial attraction that usually sparks the possibility for something more. There needs to be a balance, though, and we need to identify and recognize that balance. Due to the fat stigma, there are far too many men out there who ONLY want the physical connection with zaftig women. They aren’t willing to take it any further than the bedroom, because they’re too embarrassed or are lacking self-confidence themselves. And that’s when we have to put our feet down and say, “We deserve better than that!” 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

      • Juan Alcantara

        It’s funny as I read berylb3’s comments I was thinking the same thing as you were. The initial physical atrraction is what spurs the ensueing conversations that lead to a relationship. I sometimes forget how sensitve women get while talking about their weight, mainly because if you could see yourselves through my eyes you would understand how beautiful and diverse your wieght makes you. When you carry yourself with confidence and selfworth that makes you all the more attractive to the kind of people that would be proud to be seen with you out in public. But it starts with you. Women especially larger women seem to forget that women hold all the cards in the beginning of a relationship, use them wisely.

  7. Cin

    This is beautiful. I love how blue your eyes look and the contrast of the red lips against your skin is lovely. 🙂

    • QuietlyOutspoken

      Thank you, Cin. I give credit to the make-up artist, Carmela, who knew just what was needed to achieve that look. I simply told her, “You’re the expert ~ do what needs to be done!”

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