A Zaftig Warrior

When I first had the inkling to create a blog about life and love as a full-figured woman, I had no concrete agenda outside of sharing my writing, my experiences and some random thoughts. If anyone cared to read it, great. If no one cared to read it, oh well. It was something I needed to do, for me.

After my divorce, blogging became a positive outlet, a part of the healing process in which to coax a broken girl from her shell and rid her of the reservations and fears she’d been plagued with for such a long time. Additionally, blogging held the gift of connecting with others: to uplift, to inspire, to ignite thought outside of the realm of my own little universe.

I suppose that’s why anyone blogs, isn’t it?

But I believe Enchanted Zaftig has become more than that.

As I have stated before, in my adult life I haven’t dwelled too deeply on my weight nor allowed it to adversely affect the quality of my life. Of course I’ve had my moments of doubt, but I do not complain, gripe or fall into depression because I am not a size 12. I haven’t been a size 12 since I was 12. And it’s ok. 

Initially, my blog was not intended to be a political platform for fat issues; it was intended to demonstrate how a zaftig woman can do anything she wants in life ~ intermixed with sensuality, poetry, personal musings and encouraging words for others. Although this is still prevalent, somewhere along the line I veered farther down the fat agenda path, attributed mainly to the ridiculous stigmas and societal imbalances which scream for change. 


Now, donning the armor of a zaftig warrior, I’m joining in on the cause to educate and dispel body myths, because I’ve seen and heard too much pain regarding it ~ from friends, from coworkers, from blog readers, from a plethora of other sources. Low self-esteem rears its constant, ugly head everywhere.

People are hating their bodies and feeling inadequate, and it’s got to stop.


So how do we halt it…?

By this. By continuing endeavors to promote positive body image and healthy attitudes. By having conversations focused around affecting change. By denouncing false marketing campaigns created to deceive and manipulate our perceptions. By embracing ourselves and discovering our true worth, regardless of our physical appearances or the stigmas placed upon us.

Don your armor.

Join the fight.

Dispel the myths. 



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2 responses to “A Zaftig Warrior

  1. Ruthie

    I love it. I am who I am. The intrinsic me does not change with my weight. I still love the same, think the same, feel the same. I am a beautiful person…at size 16, just like I was at size 10. Those who don’t bother with me because of the way I look are missing out on something special. Thanks for understanding that & reminding us all that we’re beautiful people every day!

    • QuietlyOutspoken

      Ruthie, you hit it right on the nose: “Those who don’t bother with me because of the way I look are missing out on something special.” THAT IS IT.

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