Stripped naked, I lounge on a blanket draped across my black leather couch. I’m languid, exposed, acutely aware of the artist’s gaze as he determines how best to present my flesh on paper.

Every now and then, a shiver runs through me from the cold.

Striving to remain statuesque and still, I watch  from the corner of my eye as his hand whips charcoal across the page; one moment fluid, the next moment sharp.  Determined.

His fingers smooth out the lines.

Diligently, he works to bring my hips and breasts and rotund belly to life. No intention of glossing me over; he depicts me just as I am ~ hefty, curvaceous, plump.

His honesty reverberates across the page. And I am beautifully transformed from flesh to sketch.

~ Enchanted Zaftig

Nathanael A. Lee  ©2012


Filed under Poetry and Prose, Sensual Servings, Visual Delights

7 responses to “Sketched

  1. Gilbert

    I’ve been on the other side of the paper. Although my profession is teaching engineering, I’m an amateur artist. I envy the artist who sketched you, for you are one beautiful model.

  2. chris1t

    You make me weak in the knees. Great sketch of a beautiful woman.

  3. As a fellow large life model, I totally agree with all your words. You describe being a life model perfectly x

  4. Brian

    Remarkably done. If the sketch is this beautiful, I am sure the subject was even more breathtakingly stunning. I love this artwork!

  5. Sonia

    Description as eloquent as the sketch !
    May I suggest a name ?? Woman Perfection ❤

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