Fanning Into Fire

A touch. A caress. The faint, musky scent of attraction.

Everything outward moving inward,

            fanning into fire,

                   culminating into desire.

the statues of Khajuraho

With uninhibited exploration of hills and valleys…

          and the stark sensation of softness

                  pressed against rigidity.

That is how their love unfolds, under the covers.



Filed under Poetry and Prose, Sensual Servings

2 responses to “Fanning Into Fire

  1. wm

    As I read and reread many of your posts, I seem to connect with you, how I’m not sure. considering this post of yours, do you ever feel a connection with the nameless unknown people who find encouragment – amid the longing–who identify with you? 🙂

  2. wm

    your posts ,long or short,are nothing short of amazing–and they lead me to another world known as “what if?”.

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