“My Eyes Are Up Here”

Prolific artist Peter Illig recently completed this painting of me. The perspective he chose is compelling and leads one’s eyes down the canvas – as the title so aptly implies. With brilliant brush strokes and a colorful flare, I think he accurately captured the true essence of who I am: a smart, hip, voluptuous, sexy geek. N’est-ce pas?

48 x 30 oil on canvas

© 2014 Peter Illig

"My Eyes Are Up Here" ~ Peter Illig

“My Eyes Are Up Here” ~ Peter Illig

To view more of Peter’s artwork, visit www.peterillig.com.

Here is an excerpt from his artist statement:

“Centuries ago, the task of the artist was to portray and interpret the “real world.”  Now, it is to discern if there is a reality behind the appearance of things. Reality is created by observation. This search through the stuff of the world, matter and flesh, is inherently erotic. The act of drawing and painting may also be seen as erotic. By immersing ourselves in the physical and material world, we may see the path to a higher realm, and find the spiritual meaning behind physical objects.”

Check it out!


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