Welcome to Enchanted Zaftig, a blog dedicated to the thoughts and musings of a full-figured woman who is discovering life, love and intimate relations on a whole new level of personal awareness.

Some of my musings and adventures may be cerebral, some may be erotic, some may even be comical ~ but in the end, hopefully all will be inspirational. It can be a perplexing world out there ~ especially for a forty-something mother of one ~ but I am choosing to embrace the challenges and love accordingly.

This creative journey of fatdom, womanhood, interpersonal relationships and sensual pleasures is sure to ignite the senses. I hope you enjoy the offering.


2 responses to “About

  1. Your blog is a most welcome thing, for a number of reasons. You are, how shall I say? a lovely woman. And I am a man. But more to the point, I am encouraged by a trend I am seeing in our skinny-obsessed culture, toward simple acceptance of women as they are. As a musician, I see a lot of women perform, and in recent years have seen many full-figured women perform. This summer I saw a young lady get up and sing, and she was dressed in a sexy outfit, as opposed to a tent. Yes, I find women with curves exciting (I am married to one), but also I feel it is a good thing to see women present themselves **as they are** in all their glory, unashamed. And even today, this is no easy accomplishment: I still hear men muttering under their breath: Honey, go on a diet. No, no, no! Not the right thing at all! So I am encouraged, and hopefully many more women will follow suit, and do more life-affirming things with regard to their body.

    Thank you for your positive body image, shared for anyone positive-thinking enough to enjoy it.


  2. Otto

    Your body makes me horny, no offense!

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