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                              Hands tangled in hair
                                 Breath hot against skin
                                   Stubble rasping
                                   Tongues colliding
                                   Limbs entwining
                                   Fingers exploring
                              Moistness hot 
                                 So incredibly wet
                              Shivers coursing through me
                              Kinetic flesh upon flesh
                                 Wanting this in the worst way
                                 Wanting it down and dirty
                                 Wanting the sweet love, too
                              Wanting it all
                              Wanting you


©2011 Enchanted Zaftig



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Soft Ropes and Black Leather

 Soft ropes and black leather

Looping, cinching

Tugging ever-so-taut around willing and fragile wrists

She lies still, immersed in his carnal exploration

While the smell of well-oiled leather tickles her senses

Like a powerful aphrodisiac

Her proffered acquiescence becomes exhilarating, titillating

Levitating between two vivdly colorful dimensions:

One of constraint

One of liberation

The sensations culminating into unparalleled, explosive energy

As the essence of her lover’s sinful intentions fills her to the very core…


©2011 Enchanted Zaftig

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Luxurious Waves

Languidly sprawled across crumpled sheets and tossed pillows,

Beads of sweat cooling on my still-tingling flesh,

I discover abstract patterns imprinted in the stucco ceiling above me,

Never noticed, until now.

I breathe in… and breathe out… replenishing my strength

Through thoughts that ebb to and fro in quiet, luxurious waves,

Evoking images of the sweet sensations bestowed upon me

Only moments before…


©2011 Enchanted Zaftig

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