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I welcome feedback and interaction. I also welcome ideas, so feel free to share your thoughts with me.

15 responses to “Contact Me

  1. Kristen Swanson

    Love your site, very inspirational for this 50 something who is transitioning and has never looked better in her life

    • Funny how it can take some of us so long in life to embrace who we are (me being one of them!) I wish you much happiness, Kristen. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. wm

    Reconnection? Not to me. Those connected are never parted even though miles and silence cast a doubtful shadow.
    Those with such ties–eternal some would say–recognize it for what it might be: a test, a season, a time of examination.
    In the end connection wins.
    What end? There is no such thing….


  3. wm

    Some say life’s a dance , others say life is all by chance–but does it really matter?
    Life happens, no matter who or what is at the controls.
    Perhaps to be safe I will dip and twirl and cha cha cha.
    But then again, rolling the dice would be nice.
    You, know– I think I’ll just wait.

  4. wm

    Giving up or giving in, the thought of either leads to a pause—

    Giving up is truly an end, a door closed on the possibilities, a screeching halt to a journey of discovery, where treasures as yet lay uncovered, unfound.

    Giving in, I say , is better, when hands that once guided are no longer acting in selfish ambition.

    To give in is to say ” yes! I’ll wait for the wind!” or “yes! the currents of time know better than I, trusting I will drift with the flow!”

    Give up? on dreams, and opportunities and possible futures? I can’t find such motivation, I can’t find that weakness.

    Give in? Yes! With my loudest voice I shout “Yes!” With giving in comes everything, everything I can’t see, everything I don’t possess, everything that most won’t posess.

    Giving in–the key to it all…

  5. wm

    I gaze into the breaking day, not searching for meaning, as some will do.

    I gaze to see just what is there–not to learn, nor to grow.

    I only look to find a path.

  6. wm

    may I live to be–if not for me, then for the one who provokes my thoughts–

    for the one who opens my eyes–

    for the one who says “be”–

    for being is my part, being is my debt–

    to her and her alone.

  7. wm

    The sun reigns from high above, shedding her light and demanding notice

    The waterfall in like manner relentlessly exerts her dominion , both controlling and cleansing

    Only those mortals below with eyes to see and souls to receive will ever notice, and be changed.


  8. Jim F.

    What fool would have ever let you get away? Whoever he was, he wasn’t wise enough to know the treasure he had.

  9. Clark Gable

    Would you consider me a cad and a scoundrel if I said I find your photos quite “stimulating”?

  10. Jeanette Cordova

    Let me know if there are good art shows or events I should go to. 🙂

  11. you look so cute I will interested to know more about u pls keep me up to date about your site. Smooch

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