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Resolution Rebuttal

In this first Enchanted Zaftig blog post of 2015, I have no intention of going into a lengthy dialogue of what my personal resolutions are – not because I don’t believe in them, but because I think every day should incorporate the same resolution: make each day the best damn day it can be.

No matter how earnest you may be in the beginning, when you make New Year’s resolutions and don’t follow-through with them, you’re left with heavy disappointment and a sense of failure. To some degree, you may even experience self-loathing.

In my opinion, life is too short for that kind of negative thinking.

It’s absolutely crucial to have personal goals, and to pursue activities, friendships, studies, travels and cultural experiences that will further nurture our all-too-short time together on this earth. But to admonish yourself for not getting to the gym twice a week or not losing those extra pounds you gained at Christmas or not saving enough money to buy that certain something you’ve been wanting is contrary to living a harmonious life. Inner conflict robs us of a peaceful existence and affects our relationships with others.

When New Year’s Eve rolls around every 365 days, I find myself not drumming up resolutions, but rather reflecting on the activities of the past year – not for what I didn’t accomplish, but for what I did.

For instance, in 2014, I

  • celebrated my 8th-year work anniversary and further expanded my position there, which I have continued to do every year since I started.
  • applied at a local community college to begin taking courses that will supplement my knowledge of business administration and marketing.
  • continued to nurture my relationship with my teenage son, encouraging his personal interests, keeping him on track academically (which can be a challenge) and being a present and caring parent.NYE1.jpg
  • dove even deeper into a loving, fulfilling relationship with a man who possesses everything I could hope for in a life partner, including intellect, compassion, good looks, artistic abilities, strong sexual appetites and the propensity to treat me like a queen.
  • purchased a 1997 mint-condition Mercedes Benz C-class sedan (granted, this may seem trivial, but it is, in fact, the first car I have ever owned that was not a hand-me-down vehicle or a get-me-by clunker, and that brings me joy.)
  • participated in an authors’ reading event to help raise funds for a friend’s fight against invasive breast cancer, which was nothing short of inspiring.weddinglaughter.jpg
  • obtained a Certificate of Ministry in order to officiate my brother’s wedding, for which I also penned the ceremony script; it was a beautiful day.
  • added to my personal art collection, including the purchase of “Gratitude”, a bronze sculpture by Adam Schultz, which exemplifies how I’ve felt all year.
  • created The Zaftig Papers, an online platform where I am able to share some of my more obscure and spicy writings, in conjunction with the Enchanted Zaftig website.Curves_2.jpg
  • stayed connected with friends, both near and far, and made some new friendships along the way.
  • enriched (hopefully) and inspired those who have seen or read Enchanted Zaftig content via the internet or in person.
  • continued to encourage everyone to Embrace Your Curves and love yourself where you are.

Although not all major accomplishments, these points exist to remind me of what I contributed to 2014 – to my own life, as well as to the lives of others. Even the pitfalls come back into focus. Reflecting on moments of tragedy, conflict and struggle, whether personal or worldly, allow for progressive healing and growth. “Challenges are what make life interesting, and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” ~ Joshua J. Marine

My personal mantra for 2015 will continue to be the same mantra I’ve held since 2010, when I finally broke free from my shell and came into my own:

“Strive to live an extraordinary life, even through ordinary circumstances.”

Additionally, I’m going to make each day the best damn day it can be.

Happy New Year to you all.


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Adam’s Napkins

Do you know what I love? 


Do you know what I love even more?

When the surprise comes from a friend and involves creativity with a motif that is near-and-dear to my heart!

A few days ago, I received a very special package in the mail containing precious zaftig goods from sculptor and napkin-doodler extraordinaire, Adam Schultz. As many of you are aware, I have been a great admirer of Adam’s work for years. His astute ability to capture the essence and beauty of the abundant female form, in both sculpture and ink sketches, is enlightening and crucial to the body-acceptance movement.

I am pleased and proud to promote his work. As Adam himself states, he is changing the world, “one collector at a time.” I like to think that I am changing the world, one reader at a time. Together, we are making an impact towards ending body shame and changing social prejudice. 

Some time ago, Adam began to sketch abundant female forms on cocktail and dinner napkins while dining out in various restaurants across the country. Popularity over these paper creations grew, and he now offers these one-of-a-kind sketches to the general public. Visit adamsnapkins.com to view an array of his zaftig napkin illustrations, all of which are unique, hand-drawn, autographed and looking for collectors to love and appreciate them.  

I know I will love and appreciate mine!

Viva la zaftig!

SPECIAL OFFER: Now through October 1, 2013, be automatically entered to win a beautiful bronze  sculpture from Adam with every purchase of an Adam Napkin!


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Embracing a Vision

The following is an article I authored for a women’s magazine. Unfortunately, the publication never quite got off the ground. I decided this piece needed to be shared, regardless. 


Have you ever viewed a painting or a sculpture, heard a poem or read a story that awakened your senses? Made you feel passionate about a subject and perhaps initiated a personal catharsis in you?

Art possesses the ability to capture awareness, stimulate thought and ignite emotion. Usually, one cannot view an artistic creation without feeling a reaction toward it, be it positive or negative, compelling or indifferent. Although some artists claim that interpretation is up to the individual, most probably desire a specific reaction; they want you to see what they see, feel what they feel, according to the passion and earnestness of their created work.

Prince Charming

With his sculptural series, “Goddess,” which showcases voluptuous, rotund women in enchanting poses, Adam Schultz hopes to inspire and influence a change in what qualifies as beautiful.

“Art is one of the most powerful ways to promote positive body image,” he states. “When people see these body types represented in a sensual way, rendered in the timeless medium of bronze, they are forced to reexamine their personal opinions of others – and of themselves.”

I first met Adam at a gallery in Evergreen, Colorado, where he was demonstrating part of his sculpting process using oil-based clay. Although we had been in correspondence prior to that evening, speaking with him in person and witnessing his work-in-process was pivotal for me. As an appreciator of the arts, I am constantly inspired by the creativity of others, and Adam’s works speak to me on a very personal level, because 1.) I have the body type he molds, and 2.) We share the same passion about changing the narrowing views on beauty.

Fibonacci’s Girl

Having sculpted a wide range of artifacts for over 25 years – including animals, portraits, memorials and monuments for both private and corporate collections – Adam decided within the last decade to begin creating the figures he loves personally but rarely sees sculpturally. “I find the sensual curves of full-figured women inherently beautiful,” he tells me, a point which is made evident by the delightfully abundant “Goddess Series.”

Adam did not begin his artistic journey as a sculptor, however. In college, he chose drawing as his major and had dreams of becoming an illustrator. It wasn’t until he learned to sculpt that he realized his true passion. For 20 years, he worked at a foundry in Northern Colorado, recreating the styles and textures of many different artists in order to cast their works in bronze. It was during this time that he became an expert in every phase of the “lost wax” process and discovered his own style. To this day, he continues to take sculpture workshops and apprentice with some of the finest figure sculptors of our time. As he says, “I never stop honing my skills.”

So why the focus on full-figured body types?

“I see people feeling ugly their whole lives,” Adam reveals. “I see them hurting and mutilating their bodies to try and emulate Barbie dolls, and I wonder why unique, lovely and curvaceous body types aren’t perceived as beautiful also.”

When his two daughters were around the ages of four or five, both complained to Adam that they needed to lose weight, which determined him even further to play a role in changing perceptions and reversing the low self-esteem crisis pervading our population, particularly in women.

Galatea on view

Although he realizes that not every person who views his sculptures will embrace his artistic intent, he remains committed to promoting positive body image. According to Adam, his biggest critics tend to be those individuals who have fallen into the “thin is in” rhetoric and who find the celebration of rotund bodies distasteful. Adam treats these negative moments as opportunities to educate and introduce a different opinion, as well as to perhaps change a misguided perception.

For the most part, the response to Adam’s “Goddess Series” has been overwhelmingly positive. And that is most pivotal.

“I’ve had women burst into tears after viewing my work,” he shares, “and thank me for helping them to see themselves – sometimes for the first time – as beautiful.”

Art can perform an integral role in drawing attention to a subject and affecting change. Although Adam Schultz realizes that not every person who views his sculptures will embrace his vision, he remains committed to promoting positive body image and making a difference through his abundant sculptural forms.

To view more of Adam’s work, visit www.adamsculpture.com

©2012 Enchanted Zaftig

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The Art of Adam Schultz

At a small mountain-town holiday festival this past weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting acclaimed sculptor, Adam Schultz, who was offering a demonstration on his latest piece-in-process, ‘Octopus Princess’, at a local gallery there.  After having shared online correspondence only, it was nice for he and I to finally meet face-to-face and discuss life, love, art and our mutual zaftig philosophy.

Adam and Me



I first became familiar with Adam’s bronze Goddess Series earlier this year, when I visited Stoneheart Gallery for a group show titled “Every Body’s Beautiful,” showcasing the diversity of body types through various art mediums. I immediately fell in love with ‘Olive’, whose smile, relaxed pose and candid demeanor quickly captured my heart.

At the time, I appreciated ‘Olive’ to be zaftig whimsy at its finest, however, the Enchanted Zaftig concept had not fully formed in my mind yet.  

It wasn’t until many months later that I became re-aquainted with Adam’s work, when he joined the Enchanted Zaftig Facebook page. Sifting through his photos, I was delighted to see that he was the creator of ‘Olive’ ~ and countless other pieces which are equally resplendent in their voluptuous beauty.

Adam and I share a sympatico philosophy: uplift the zaftig form while bringing awareness to the world.  

“Artwork is one of the best ways I know of to help raise consciousness and change the world. :-) I figure that the more size-positive images of people we get out there, the sooner people will start to realize that there is more beauty to be seen in people everywhere than the one, narrow definition of ‘beautiful’ the media has been feeding us the past 80 years or so.”    

'Prince Charming'



'Kiss Me'


'Fibonacci's Girl'




“My dream is to install a large-scale, celebratory and beautifully abundant sculpture, wrought in bronze, in every country on the planet.”

I would love to see that dream come to fruition. Art really does carry the power to change people’s perceptions.  Wouldn’t it be great to have the message be a positive one?

'Octopus Princess'

Adam’s latest creation, ‘Octopus Princess, will take a bit of a turn from his usual ladies in the  Goddess collection; she will encompass both beauty and a sense of eeriness ~ a woman-beast, shrouded in mystery and sensuality. I wish I had taken a photo of her backside, because the octopus’ eyes are cleverly planted on her curvaceous derriere. I look forward to seeing the final piece once it has been cast.

Be sure to check back, or visit the Enchanted Zaftig Facebook page, to see the sculpture when it is complete.

You can view other works by Adam, including non-zaftig bronze and stone sculptures, by visiting his website: 


Also be sure to visit:

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