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The Evolution of Attraction

This satiric drawing caught my eye awhile back as I was browsing the internet for zaftig images. 

Let’s take a moment to contemplate it, shall we…?  🙂

What do you see?

To me, the message presented here is both humorous and poignant: Man, in his most primitive state, once worshipped the abundant figure of the Venus of Willendorf. Now, in his most gluttonous state, man bows before the figure of a pencil-thin, svelte woman.

The theory seems quite logical, yes? The primitive man adored the Venus figure because she represented a voluptuous and fruitful life that was lacking in his own personal existence. Now, the modern-day man adores the slender figure because he’s binged on the marrow of life and over-indulged in its various forms of gluttony.

Perhaps this drawing depicts the “opposites attract” theory. Or, perhaps it demonstrates how our perceptions ~ what we consider pleasing to the senses and desirable ~ are ever-evolving, depending on our current circumstances and surroundings. Societal trends are rarely, if ever, constant, yet for most full-figured women (and men as well), it can be difficult to envision an existence where the Venus of Willendorf figure is once more worshipped (or, at the very least, considered acceptable.) 

Despite the evolution curve, when it comes to attraction and coupling, it is best left up to the individual to disregard current trends and delve deeper into his or her own soul to inquire: where do my true desires lay ~ in the current fad of human existence? Or somewhere more personal, where sincere and honest thoughts can thrive without societal influence?

*Despite all, Beauty should remain in the eye of the beholder* 

What is your perception? I welcome your feedback.


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Sexually-Charged Swollen Shapes

Venus of Willendorf

The Venus of Willendorf ~ a delightfully tiny limestone Paleolithic statue crafted 25,000 years ago, discovered in Austria in 1908 by archeologist Josef Szombathy. 

To some, she is “a fascinating yet grotesque reality of the female body and its bulging vegetable nature; an impersonal composition of sexually-charged swollen shapes; an embodiment of overflowing fertility, of mindless fecundity, of eternal sex, the woman from which all women descend.” (1) To others, she represents the Earth and its fertility and continuation of life, the Mother Goddess, the universal female principle.  

I think, perhaps, she is all of those things. The ultimate expression of womanhood, albeit exaggerated. Her ample bosom, rotund mid-section and curvaceous hips resonate a celebration of the female form. If someone were to refer to me as having “sexually-charged swollen shapes” and the “embodiment of mindless fecundity and eternal sex” I would probably smile and reply in a most seductive tone, “Why, thank you.” 

I am quite content being compared to a Mother Goddess.

The artisan who crafted this pocket-size treasure certainly found her shape to be worthy of glorification… Why shouldn’t we as well?


(1) “Women in Prehistory: Venus of Willendorf” Christopher L. C. E. Witcombe

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