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Dampening of the New Year Spirit

When December 31st rolled around, I intended to write a blog post about my New Year’s resolutions and what I hope to accomplish in 2012.

Then I lost momentum for it.

Being bombarded with weight loss options on all media fronts at this time of year has left me irritated and disheartened. Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Lipozene, Alli ~ all these weight-loss companies permeating the television, radio and magazine advertisements. There is little respite from the madness, no matter where you turn. And too many people fall into the hype.

Weight Watchers commercial ~ Jennifer Hudson

I’ve got to lose weight.”
“I put on too many pounds during the holidays.”
“I’m a fat pig.”
” Jennifer Hudson and Janet Jackson and Marie Osmond all look so fabulous.”
” It’s my resolution every year to lose weight ,and this year I’m going to succeed!”


A good friend of mine revealed that when she was in 2nd grade, her teacher asked the students to share what their New Year’s resolutions were. Although she was not overweight, she quickly answered, “To go on a diet!” At the time, she couldn’t figure out why her classmates laughed ~ she was merely repeating what she thought everyone resolved to do at the beginning of the year. 

“Lose weight, lose weight, lose weight!”

It is ingrained in us, year after year, like an incessant neon sign.

Here’s what I think should be ingrained in us:

Improve yourself, as a human being, with compassion, positive thinking and opportunities to impact and contribute to the world.


Certainly, being healthy is extremely important. But fretting over how many pounds are on the scale…? Counter-productive.

Recently, I read a fat-acceptance blog post about one woman’s resolution to be absolutely fat in 2012: fat everywhere, all of the time, in everyone’s face, whether they like it or not. The concept possesses some merit where body acceptance is concerned, but it misses the mark, swinging too much in the opposite direction.

Why must we be absolutely fat or absolutely thin?

Why can’t we just be absolutely brilliant, beautiful and captivating as we are?

Resolutions be damned, people. 

* Be extraordinary where you’re at *



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I Know A Woman

I know a woman 

      Who hated her own reflection, 

      Who buried her emotions in food, 

          Who never felt pretty enough,  

          Skinny enough, 

          Good enough, 

Despite all of the positive aspects she possessed.  


I know a woman 

      Who shared infectious laughter, 

      Who was loved by many 

          Who never felt good enough,  

          Pretty enough,  

          Strong enough, 

Despite all of the encouragement she received. 


I know a woman  

      Who decided upon lap-band, 

      Who starved herself sick, 

          Who never felt skinny enough, 

          Worthy enough, 

          Empowered enough, 

Despite all of the natural beauty she portrayed. 


I know a woman 

      Who rapidly lost pounds, 

      Who obsessed over scale numbers, 

          Who never felt successful enough, 

          Capable enough, 

          Beautiful enough, 

Despite her weight-loss accomplishments. 


I know a woman 

      Who was unsatisfied, 

      Who buried her emotions in alcohol, 

          Who never felt worthy enough,  

          Uplifted enough,  

          Pretty enough, 

Despite all of the great qualities she had tucked away.  


I know a woman 

      Who found solace in bars, 

      Who craved adulterous attention, 

         Who never felt attractive enough,  

          Beautiful enough,  

          Interesting enough, 

Despite having transformed her appearance. 


I know a woman 

      Who was uncomfortable in her skin,  

      Who turned to plastic surgery, 

          Who never felt attractive enough,  

          Firm enough, 

          Smooth enough, 

Despite the extreme makeover she’d been granted. 


I know a woman 

      Who lost her sweet nature, 

      Who misplaced her social skills, 

           Who spoke only the language of diet, 

           Mixed drinks, 

          Weekend partying, 

Despite the fact that no one wanted to listen anymore. 


I know a woman 

      Who is skinny and unsatisfied, 

      Who lost the respect of friends, 

      Who wears a shell that’s slowly cracking 

      Who pretends to be happy, 

      Who buries her emotions in designer clothes, 

          Dirty martinis, 

          Flirtatious conduct, 

          Manipulative actions, 

          And obsessive behavior

Despite the fact that what she really needs…


Is to stop running and seek help.


This is dedicated to L, who transformed herself into an almost unrecognizable person, despite concern and encouragement from those who care, including myself.
It goes to show that even successful weight loss does not always equal happiness. Sometimes, the problems run much deeper than flesh. My prayer is that, someday, L will reach out and seek the assistance that she needs ~ and that others in  similar positions will do the same.  


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