Juan Alcantara

Visual artist Juan Alcantara appreciates the zaftig form without apology and displays his admiration in bold and exceptional ways. Even in quick sketches, he captures the innate beauty of each woman he draws. From illustrating comic books to getting magazines ready for publication, Juan worked most of his life as a graphics illustrator. Now, his interests have turned towards painting and drawing the full-figured woman, which is his muse for artistic endeavors.

Juan once told me, “I believe that inside every skinny woman there is a round, plump, full-figured woman just waiting to get out. Or at least there should be.”


My Body, My Rules  /  Juan Alcantara
















So Many Tentacles, So Little Time  /  Juan Alcantara


Red Headed Beauty  /  Juan Alcantara


The Sex Bandit  /  Juan Alcantara


You Take My Breath Away  /  Juan Alcantara


Bottoms Up (reprised)  /  Juan Alcantara


Sitting in the Dark with Red Hair  /  Juan Alcantara


Free Falling  /  Juan Alcantara


Is There Room for One More?  /  Juan Alcantara


Beauty From Brazil  /  Juan Alcantara






One response to “Juan Alcantara

  1. Kishia Palmer

    Wow…. I am in complete awe at what I see here!!!! My Friend showed me some of this art work when he was expressing his appreciation of me :-)….. was wondering if you do self portraits or couples? I would love to have me and my love done similar to some of the art work I have seen.

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